Why Do Women Look So Good in Heels?

If you have ever watched Pretty Woman you must remember a scene at the beginning of the movie where Julia Roberts puts on those racy long boots.

They actually got a leg double for Julia Roberts in that scene to strike the right ‘look’ with viewers.

Apparently, Roberts was too thin, and not curvaceous enough to convey the right amount of boot-attractiveness.

Who would have thunk?

I suppose one can never be too rich, but in some instances, one can be too thin.

Are Heels Just for Men?

Contrary to common belief, heels are not just for men.

Women can get a lot of power from wearing heels. It makes them taller,makes them look more attractive, and gives them greater confidence. Men do love to see their women in heels, but women love to see women in heels as well!

Every time I think of heels, I can’t stop myself from thinking of the heel scene from Single White Female. I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not seen the movie, but suffice it to say that the heel scene is extremely powerful, memorable, and ninja-cool!

What is it about a woman’s legs and heels that is so enticing and powerful?

Why Do Heels Look So Good?

1. All the beautiful people wear heels

Popular media plays a big role. We have been conditioned to think that heels and legs are beautiful. When Marilyn Monroe stepped onto the subway grating in The Seven Year Itch, viewers got a peek at her flirtatious, heeled legs, and they were hooked.

Today, all the attractive women that are depicted in popular media wear high heels. Already tall super-models power walk down the runway on their stilettos. They make it seem like it is the easiest thing in the world to do, but any woman and some men know that this is not the case.

Glamorous and provocative pop stars create music videos where they not only wear high heels, but perform complex dance moves as they gyrate to the beat of their music. Certainly, heels are almost a requirement of any actress on television and the movies. Even female FBI, CIA, and NCIS agents wear heels while chasing down the bad guys.

Heels look so good because all the beautiful cool people wear them.

2. Tall is beautiful

Scientific studies show that some height is attractive in a woman, but not too much. Apparently, the magic number to a perfect pair of legs is an extra 5%.

Regardless of their own build, the viewers preferred legs that were 5 per cent longer than average …

~~ [New Scientist]

It is not necessarily total height that counts but rather proportional height.

Petite women can be attractive if their legs are proportionally long compared to their overall height.

For many women, the added lift provided by heels help us reach the magic 5% of leg perfection.

3. Grace and movement

Women move and hold themselves differently while wearing heels. Heels require women to balance and shift their weight in a certain way that ensures better posture.

When I am wearing heels, I tend to walk with my shoulders back and chest out. There is less hunching or slouching involved. With heels, there is also no lazy walking (shuffling). I must lift my feet properly to ensure that the heels don’t catch on anything, and to maintain proper balance.

Wearing heels requires practice, and dancing with heels requires quite a lot more, depending on the height of the heels. When watching dancing shows on t.v., some of what the women can do on heels is nothing short of amazing!

I suppose wearing heels forces us to attend more to our movements, and as a result, we move with more grace.

4. The magical sound of heels

Finally, the sound of heels hitting a hard surface is just hot!

The sound of heels always brings to mind a proportionally long legged, graceful beauty, even before you see the woman. This is a very powerful fantasy.

Every time we hear the clip-clop of heels on television and the movies, a beautiful and sometimes vulnerable temptress usually makes an appearance. Those images have conditioned us to associate that sound with beauty. Therefore, when we hear that sound, we automatically see those images and feel the rush of excitement.

Heels give women a big advantage when trying to attract men because of all these reasons. However, we do not want to overdo it and appear too tall. Therefore, make sure to choose heels that suit our style and height.

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  1. susie says

    i love heels and nothing makes me feel more attractive, i feel like it makes my legs look longer and thinner just always make sure if your going to do the naughty with heels on its not on a water bed not a good out come at all lol.

    • Aya_Hajime says

      “just always make sure if your going to do the naughty with heels on its not on a water bed”

      LOL! Good point. 😀

  2. Jameshank says

    I do enjoy leggy women, for sure, and heels of course add to the silhouette. But I agree it’s all about the proportions of the woman and sometimes more modest heels are the better choice. A recent girlfriend of mine was very long legged and modelesque, something I never went for before, but it was a real turn on in the sack, turns out. Thanks for this hub.

  3. Katsy says

    Heels heels heels. No one can beat the alluring power of heels. Not all heels have appeal. When it comes to heals i recomend a nice slender heel and long ofcourse. Men looove heels (talking from experience) so ladies once in a while put hot back and wear those heals…

    • lingerielover says

      Katsy you are so right. Men love heels. Nothing makes women´s legs look prettier than a pair of heels and stockings.
      But for me “men love heels” has a second meaning. A lot of men like to wear heels themselves. And I can only say it´s fun.

  4. Ashlee says

    Wow, you were so right about the heel clicking sound. I love wearing heels just to hear that sound – I never realized why though.

  5. Contrice says

    There is nothing like a great pair of heels. Every woman should have a pair of heels that she knows accentuates every part of her leg. Put them on with a short figure hugging dress…what a booster. Sometimes you just need those “I’m so d**n hot” moments.

  6. HappyHer says

    I love to wear heels, but rarely do. As I’m home most of the time, it just seems silly, but I do kind of envy the 50s moms with their pearls, heels, and dresses no matter what kind of job they were doing!

    • Aya_Hajime says

      Yeah I like wearing heels as well. I am somewhat stiletto challenged though. :)
      I also have to take off my heels while driving. And I can only manage short heels while dancing. Still, I think heels look great on a woman and sometimes on a man 😉

  7. TattoGuy says

    What a joy to see you writing again and yer stunning artwork, enjoy yer weekend moi lil friend, I have missed you xo

    • Aya_Hajime says

      Hey BC – so good to see you!
      Yes I decided to write some articles so I can get some extra $$ for my 3D models :)
      You have been writing a lot of hubs! How goes life in the High Seas? What has that cute Cabin Girl been up to?

    • TattoGuy says

      I retired Cabin Girl, I am running a few personal websites now and writing a few hubs a week. Your 3D models are amazing, deff nice seeing you about again !

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